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Superbowl Party was a hit!

Posted in FW, General, ILLC, OE, UE by usmllc on February 7, 2011

Several learning community RAs (and non-learning community RAs) co-hosted a Superbowl Party in the Student Center last night. Complete with nachos and pizza, the game was projected on a big screen and there was plenty of comfortable seating! The RAs held a few contests, including a target football toss, a paper football field goal game, and a raffle for some team paraphernalia!

No matter the outcome of the Big Game, we hope you got to stop by and enjoy some of the entertainment these RAs put together for you! Nice job, everyone (and congrats to those of you who pledge allegiance to the Packers!)



Global Village takes on a N’awlins flair!

Posted in General, ILLC by usmllc on November 19, 2010

On Wednesday, several RHA members participated in the first annual Global Village in the Brooks Student Center. The students put together tables on New Orleans, Urban Myths, Germany, and the International Living Learning Community. Upton Hastings RA Danny Gay did a great job in organizing the event, and we look forward to offering this opportunity next year!

Philippi Hall Holds Grilled Cheese for Charity Fundraiser

Posted in General by usmllc on November 19, 2010

On Sunday, Philippi Hall RAs got together to make grilled cheese sandwiches for the residents. The event was a great success, and $70 was raised! The proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels. Nice job Philippi!

Salem Trip was a scream!

Posted in Uncategorized by usmllc on November 1, 2010

A group of about 50 students boarded a bus to Salem on October 30 to enjoy Salem’s Haunted Happenings. Everything from haunted houses to historical sites were visited by our students, many of whom were dressed in costume! We hope if you missed it this year you can join us next year!

UE Hosting a Grilled Cheese for Charity Night

Posted in UE by usmllc on October 18, 2010

Come on down to Philippi on Sunday, October 24 starting at 7 pm for one of the best comfort foods known to man! Sandwiches will be sold for $1.50 and proceeds will be going to Meals on Wheels, a local charity that provides hot meals to senior citizens and others who may be ill.

Click here for more information on our Facebook event page!

UE goes back to kindergarten!

Posted in UE by usmllc on October 6, 2010

Last night, Upperclass Experience grabbed their hypothetical backpacks and lunchboxes and had a great time coloring, eating animal crackers and fruit snacks, and getting some good study tips. The academic programming block for UE provided an opportunity for the floor to come together and relax for a bit. For those of you who made it, thanks for coming out! Remember, you will receive housing points for every program that you attend!

UE Pays it Forward!

Posted in General, UE by usmllc on September 20, 2010

As part of the Civic Engagement programming block, Upperclass Experience has begun their week-long Pay it Forward initiative on their floor. Please make an effort to reach out to community members – on UE as well as USM!

ILLC to start Culture Share season, culminating in Global Village at end of semester

Posted in General, ILLC by usmllc on September 13, 2010

On Sunday, September 19, ILLC will kick off the Culture Share season with the Maine Culture Share. Sign-ups for the semester will be conducted. The format for these programs will change a bit, for those of you who were regulars last year: this year, we plan to only hold Culture Shares once a month. At these programs, however, we will have multiple cultures represented in order to accommodate for everyone’s busy schedules.

Also, Jelena and Katie are in the process of organizing (with the help of various other RAs and outside funding) a Global Village for the end of the semester. This Global Village program will be campus-wide (as opposed to the Culture Shares) and we hope to have it be run much like an outdoor marketplace. We would like to see many cultures represented and have various presentations of arts and crafts, the selling of wares, and the availability of food specific to different regions of the world. Please keep this in mind as you progress through the semester and let Katie and Jelena know if you are interested in either or both of these opportunities!

UE and GEB cohost 9/11 Vigil in Student Center

Posted in General, UE by usmllc on September 13, 2010

To kick off UE’s Civic Engagement Programming Block, the learning community teamed with GEB to show the documentary entitled “9/11” as part of an effort to commemorate the events of that day in 2001. Along with the showing of the video, a temporary memorial was erected for students to add their own memories or dedications, PostSecret style. That memorial is hanging in the student center still; if you would like to add your own memory or dedication, please see your RA for a card to add.

UE and ILLC to get their diplomas tonight…

Posted in ILLC, UE by usmllc on April 7, 2010

Well, almost anyway. Tonight, April 7, timelines for post-graduate options will be available in print form. In keeping with the goal-setting block, the two communities should find this information useful for their goals. Each “diploma” will include three timelines: one for applying to graduate school, one for applying to a service organization such as the Peace Corps or Teach for America, and one for applying to jobs.

Hopefully, in getting this information residents will be inspired to evaluate what they have done for themselves and for meeting their goals. Have you been doing all you can to improve your resume? Are you using your resources wisely? Have you taken advantage of opportunities presented in living in these learning communities?

Have fun planning!