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ILLC to start Culture Share season, culminating in Global Village at end of semester

Posted in General, ILLC by usmllc on September 13, 2010

On Sunday, September 19, ILLC will kick off the Culture Share season with the Maine Culture Share. Sign-ups for the semester will be conducted. The format for these programs will change a bit, for those of you who were regulars last year: this year, we plan to only hold Culture Shares once a month. At these programs, however, we will have multiple cultures represented in order to accommodate for everyone’s busy schedules.

Also, Jelena and Katie are in the process of organizing (with the help of various other RAs and outside funding) a Global Village for the end of the semester. This Global Village program will be campus-wide (as opposed to the Culture Shares) and we hope to have it be run much like an outdoor marketplace. We would like to see many cultures represented and have various presentations of arts and crafts, the selling of wares, and the availability of food specific to different regions of the world. Please keep this in mind as you progress through the semester and let Katie and Jelena know if you are interested in either or both of these opportunities!

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