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LC Housing Selection For Returning Students

Posted in General by usmllc on March 5, 2010

The time has come to start thinking about your housing plans for the upcoming Fall.  If you are a returning student looking to participate in a Learning-Community for next year we have some important information for you about the process.  If you have attended any Learning Community events you will be receiving an e-mail from us with your current point tally.  This e-mail will be sent to your student e-mail address.

Important Dates

April 1st: Last day to earn housing points

April 2nd @ 4pm: Deadline for Reserving Rooms

April 7th: E-mail confirmation of room reservations

April 12th @ 5:30pm: Living-Learning Housing Selection Night in the lower level of Brooks Student Center


Retaining Spaces

If you are a returning Learning Community student wishing to retain your current space for the 2010-2011 school year you must meet the following criteria and follow this process (Please note that FYI & International rooms are not retainable):

  1. You must have obtained 10 or more participation points by the end of the day on April 1st, 2010. (Remember, it is your responsibility to sign attendance sheets at all events). You must also have a completed housing application, a $0 balance or current student bill and paid the $75 housing deposit at Student Billing.
  2. The Living-Learning Community Returning Student Application must be completed by 4pm on Friday the 2nd of April.
  3. You will be notified by e-mail on April 7th on the status of your request.
  4. If you are pulling in new roommate(s) into your current space for the next year, they must also complete a Living-Learning Community returning student application, a housing application, have a $0 balance or current student bill.
  5. If you are unable or uninterested in keeping your current room but would like to participate in a Learning Community, you need to attend the Living-Learning night on Monday April 12th at 5:30pm in the Brooks Student Center.

Housing Selection Process

If you are looking to participate in the Living-Learning Community Housing Selection night, you must come to the event with a completed Living-Learning Community Returning Application, a completed housing application, photo ID, a $0 balance or current student bill and either have paid the $75 housing deposit at student billing.  The process is as follows:

  1. At check in you will be given your general housing priority score.
  2. If you have earned additional housing points from participating in any Living-Learning program, you can have them added to your priority score at the computation table.
  3. Once forms are completed and scores are adjusted you and any roommates you wish to be with should sit in the waiting area for the community you are interested in.
  4. The process will start for all learning communities at the same time.
  5. Unlike General Housing Selection night, there is no preference given to students already living in a hall.
  6. Learning Community rooms will not be available on any of the other housing selection nights

If you have any questions about our Learning Communities or this process please feel free to contact Jason Saucier at .


UE enjoys a stimulus package during the Financial Literacy Block

Posted in UE by usmllc on March 3, 2010

In light of the beginning of the Financial Literacy Block on the Upperclass Experience last week, residents received their own stimulus package in the form of Monopoly Money! On the backs included tips and resources about personal finances in hopes of increasing financial literacy.

Please keep in mind the following events to help with financial literacy:

  • Thursday, March 4: Apartment Search Workshop with Peter Mason from POGO Realty at 7:30 pm in the Conference Room.
  • Thursday, March 11: UCU Workshop with Kevin Foley at 7:00 pm in the Conference Room.

Come one, come all!

Culture Shares get a revamp due to decreased numbers

Posted in ILLC by usmllc on March 3, 2010

Due to the decreased presence of International Students on the International Living-Learning Community, Culture Share events have been combined into one event (for the time being). In hopes of sparking more interest for later in the semester, we will be hosting a Culture Share this Sunday, March 7, at 8 pm in the Philippi TV Lounge. Plenty of refreshments and opportunities for sharing experiences thus far in America will be had! Please join us!

Coffee House Recaffeinated: GTV Highlights from Janaury’s performances

Posted in COA by usmllc on March 1, 2010

Once each month the talented and the brave skitter out from under books and beds around campus and put on a fabulous series of musical and poetic performances that we call COA Coffee House.  On January 28th, that is exactly what happened, except with a twist:  Gorham Televison (GTV) was on site in Burnham Lounge (Robie Andrews Hall) to record the happenings of the evening.

I am proud to share with you some recorded highlights from that evening’s performances, and encourage you to check them out!  I also welcome (read: challenge) anyone with a guitar, harp, violin, piano, or even just some vocal chords to participate in the next COA Coffee House happening March 18th at 7pm.


Some Clips:

See more GTV content at *

*Artists and individuals featured in these videos should feel free to contact GTV or myself ( regarding this and future content of the videos.

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COA: Center Stage or the Big Screen?

Posted in COA by usmllc on February 23, 2010

Two big updates out of COA this week:

My first piece of news…
I finally learned where the make-up room is located yesterday, as I attempted to join a meeting there to discuss some fun opportunities for students interested in the arts. After an exciting meeting with a great group of Student Performing Artists (SPA) members, I am thrilled to announce that COA will be collaborating with SPA for their annual 10-Minute play competition occurring this May.

More news is to come on this, but essentially anyone who has interest in writing a script, directing or producing, working tech, auditioning, or lending a hand to some inspired student work is invited to participate in this cool competition. Script submissions will be due the Monday after our March Spring Break, (Mar. 29th) so now is the time to start writing!  Talented SPA members who have already demonstrated their fantastic work on stage will be working with COA to throw together a script-writing workshop in the near future.

Thanks again to SPA for welcoming me to their meeting!  You can join them Mondays at 3:30pm for their weekly meeting in the Make-up room in Russell Hall.

My second piece of COA News…
is the announcement of two additional submissions to the Spring Husky Film Festival to occur in late April.  The Film Fest is your chance to show off your work on the silver screen and win a Golden Husky Award!  A student director has submitted a short film in the Drama category, and one for the Documentary category.  Planning is still coming together for the event itself which will occur on April 29th in 10 Bailey Hall.  Submissions are due on April 23rd, and rules and registration information can be found at

For more Information, contact John Derouche in the Campus Involvement & Activities office.

Change for Haiti Update!

Posted in UE by usmllc on February 2, 2010

At press time, it appears that the Change for Haiti fundraiser has raised about $700 (just from the change jars and the Grocery Bingo for Haiti night) for Water Missions International! The group is ecstatic, and is just waiting to complete their bottle drive and for some other potential donations. Thanks to all who have helped thus far!

UE students organize Change for Haiti Fundraiser

Posted in UE by usmllc on January 22, 2010

A small group of very dedicated UE residents (Patric Brophy, Jay Smith, and Darren Brown) have taken on the mission to fundraise for the Haiti relief efforts. They have chosen Water Missions International as the organization to which the funds will be donated.

WMI is solely dedicated to bringing clean and safe water to developing countries and disaster-struck areas. The creators of the Change for Haiti project hope to make a substantial donation to this cause, especially considering those who are dehydrated after a surgery or after being trapped in rubble for days.

Please keep an eye out for the Change for Haiti fliers and change jars around campus and the town of Gorham (from January 24-31) and help us with the effort. Also, please come to the Grocery Bingo Night on Wednesday the 27 in the Student Center as the proceeds will also be donated to the Change for Haiti program.

Culture Shares

Posted in ILLC by usmllc on December 1, 2009

Some International Students enjoying tea and conversation after the British Culture Share.

Over the past semester, we have been lucky enough to have many of our International Students share their cultures. Many of the presenters cooked delicious food for the group, and we are thankful for their generosity in preparing their dishes (they often spent most of the day cooking!)

For the next semester, the ILLC staff have decided to continue the Culture Shares but with a new twist. Please keep a lookout for some differences in presentations!

Upperclass Experience and GHS Team Up for Trick or Can!

Posted in UE by usmllc on November 13, 2009

From the Gorham Times 11/13/2009